There are very few movie genres that everyone, even the most jokester or cynic of personalities, like. Among those few names are animation movies – they are just so adorable that you cannot help but fall in love with characters. Want to know a secret? It is a well-known fact that girls have crushes on more anime characters than real actors. However, this article talks about a movie that was released in 2001 and instantly became a worldwide phenomenon – “Spirited Away”.

The plot of the movie

The article will not give any spoilers but just a brief summary of the wonderful ride of a movie. The main protagonist is Chihiro, a young girl who is moving houses with her parents but gets stuck in the spirit world when her parents unknowingly get turned into pigs by a witch. Another lovable character from the film is that of Haku, the first friend that Chihiro or the newly named Sen meets in the spirit world. This movie is a film about Chihiro turning to a woman from a girl as she does her best to rescue her parents from the witch and get themselves back as safely as possible.

The Acclaims and Awards earned by Spirited Away

This movie was one of the very first hand-drawn movies to win an Academy Award for Best Feature in the 75th Oscars ceremony. Apart from this wide acclaim, the movie took Titanic’s place as the highest grossing film in the Japanese Industry when it was released. Other awards also include but are not limited to the second position in the “Best Films of the 21st century So far ” in 2017 and the highest ranking animation movie in the fourth position of the “Best Film of the 21st Century” in 2016. It’s peaks of success touched so high that Disney offered to make the English translation of the anime movie.

Buy the merchandise of Spirited Away

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