Everypart of a hotel and every guest or a person visiting needs to be smoothly managed and centrally tracked to avoid errors. Technology and type of management used in hotel industries nowadays is very less secure and needs to advance rapidly to improve every aspect of hoteliers such as customer satisfaction, revenues, brand image and most important security of your hotel premises.

From guest registration or booking of their stay at your hotel to completion of their stay and collecting their feedback manually by traditional methods such as deploying staff to manage registers and paperlogs everything needs to be changed and upgraded. Modern guest registration system softwares offer all the features needed and are capable of managing security of your hotel very smoothly. Visitor management systems improve the security of your hotel and boost operational efficiency. These softwares are capable of streamlining guest registrations very fastly and keeping track of their whereabouts untill their stay.

Using latest visitor management system for hotels can improve security and upgrade visitor experience of your hotel in following ways:-

As soon as the guest enters your hotel that is equipped with modern visitor management system, he/she is welcomed by a smart and digital tablet that has a greeting message and logo of your hotel brand on the welcome screen.
The design and order of your virtual tablet screen can be customised and personalised according to the needs. As everyone knows that first impression matters, therefore welcoming your guest on visitor management system improves your brand image and customer experience.

-The visitor management system then gathers all the required information and captures a photograph of the guest followed by a digital signtaure acknowledgement or Non disclosure agreement clearifying all the terms and conditions of your hotel and your guest’s stay.

The photograph and information gets stored in the database and can be tracked anytime by the hosts. Instead of manually searching for records in registers and paperlogs, they can be tracked on ease of touch on visitor management systems. These softwares keep track of every person that enters your hotel and any record can be tracked easily with the help of admin access of the software.

-The visitor management systems prints a unique identification badge for the guest that has his/her basic details and a photopgraph on it, followed by instant notification to the hotel staff about the guests arrival on their devices.
Visitor badges  for hotels are printed via a printed connected to the tablet and are very important in times of heavy bookings and other events at your hotel to avoid confusion and wastage of time. Instant notifications to the staff can speed up the arrangements that are requested by the guests.

-Most important feature that is offered by visitor management systems is that a guest can pre-register their booking in advance of their visit easily from their devices.
This upgrades your reception and improves revenue/sales of your hotel.

Thesrefor installing visitor management system at your hotel boosts operational efficiency of your reception and staff that can be deployed on more important tasks.


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