Liquidmetal has been in the news after Apple expressed its desire to own some patents of Liquidmetal technologies. It is known for its unique properties the major ones being better shelf life and resistance to adverse environmental issues like corrosion. Today, Liquidmetal is being used in many products popular in the consumer electronics market and medical technology. Experts in the field state Liquidmetal is ideal for the manufacture of medical and dental implants that are very small in nature and need a very high level of accuracy and precision in the market.

John Kang Liquidmetal – Reasons why Liquidmetal is widely popular for dental implants in the market

John Kang is an esteemed businessman in the field of medical technology and has expertise in the field of Liquidmetal. He says that Liquidmetal is known for its unique properties and this is the major reason why it is fast becoming so popular in the tech and medical technology industry. The John Kang Liquidmetal team of experts add Liquidmetal is now the future of the healthcare industry especially when it comes to the manufacture of medical implants like dental equipment that is very small in nature. This equipment though being small needs to have a very high level of accuracy when it comes to catering to the dental needs of patients.

Liquidmetal is an amorphous metal

Liquidmetal is actually an amorphous metal that is being molded into a viscous form like plastic. In simple terms, metal alloys like stainless steel, nickel, aluminium, and copper can easily be broken down into a liquid-like state at intensely high temperatures. This makes Liquidmetal easy to mold as it does not have to be bent, punched, cut or grounded to get the desired form. Manufacturers are able to get products that are accurate and in the right precision to cater to the needs of their patients.

Perfect cut and size for dental and medical implants

The John Kang WebMD Specialist team says that Liquidmetal helps dental implants should be made in such a way to preserve the tissues of the teeth. Dental implants restore the structure of the jawbone and reduce the load on the teeth. They should be light and convenient for the patient to wear. Experts say that Liquidmetal helps manufacturers make dentures that fit accurately and comfortably. They do not cause allergies and are widely preferred for patients that need dental implants for oral health.

Last but not least, the John Kang Liquidmetal team of experts say that Liquidmetal is one of the most popular forms of amorphous metals in the market today. It is good against corrosion and never harms the surrounding organs and tissues. Liquidmetal is a good material for making pacemaker casings as well. One of the biggest challenges that dentists face today is the isolation of mouth parts and the infected teeth during a dental procedure. They generally use rubber dental dams for patients; however, some patients have an allergy towards latex. This makes it hard for dentists for performing successful dental procedures. Liquidmetal eliminates these risks as it is safe and hypoallergenic in nature!


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