In the years gone by, there have been a massive number of residential apartments that have come up in the city of Bangalore. There has been huge demand and promoters and developers in Bangalore have managed to live up to the expectations so far. There are a number of apartments for sale in Sarjapur road as well as apartments for sale in Marathahalli outer ring road which prospective homebuyers will find good value for money.

One major issue which every new home owner has is the way in which the new space should be set up. There are instances when a big space has looked rather small while a not so big place has looked bigger than it is, simply based on the way in which the place has been set up. Mentioned below are some tips or tricks that help to give the indoors a magnified effect.

Organize-One of the most common ways in which a space is made to look much bigger than it actually is. The best way to go about this is to get rid of things that have not been used in the longest time. It is best to be removed to clear the space for things that are essential.

Matching it up- In most cases, it works out best when certain colours and designs which match, are used in tandem. If the walls, floor and furniture match, it gives the entire area a much, much bigger feel to it. This is because of the fact that there seems to be no defined starting or end point to any part of that space due to the common colour.

Wall colour- This is probably the single most important factor which goes into making a place feel bigger or smaller than it actually is. Everyone knows that darker colours are meant to slim down places and this should be avoided as much as possible. Shades of light blues and greys along with cream and white are generally the best options.

Multipurpose apparatus- There are a lot of things which double or triple up in their functionalities. For example, the same thing which is being used to sit on can also double up as a storage space. Even folding sofas and beds are extremely beneficial as they take up extra space at a point of time when the space is not needed. Some apartments in Marathahalli offer these sorts of options.

Creating illusions- Illusions are a major part of the trick behind making a space look bigger than it actually is. Things like a striped floor give the place an elongated look while a bright colour on the ceiling gives the illusion of a high ceiling.

Lighting- It is best to avoid dark and heavy drapes as this gives the entire place a dull and somber effect by reducing light. Leaving the windows uncovered not only brings in more air but also gives that space a sense of depth. White drapes perform multiple functions. They give the space a classy look while also ensuring that the lighting does not get affected.

Mirrors- These actually have a much more different purpose than just showing one how they look at that particular moment. It is one of the best ways to reflect light onto the rest of the room and in that process gives the space a much larger feel. A well-placed mirror behind an end table allows to give the place a never-ending sort of appeal to that particular part.

Leggy furniture- When different types of furniture like beds and sofas are being selected, make sure to get hold of those ones which have a fair show of legs and also ensure that these legs get maximum exposure. Often, people make the mistake of covering these legs and this takes away the prime purpose of selecting raised furniture since both light and space get taken out of the picture.

Correct angles- Very often people make the elementary mistake of placing their furniture right against the wall and this ends up giving the entire space a very overcrowded effect. It is best to leave furniture a few inches apart so that it can have more of an open look. Also, placing things like the bed and sofas at an angle gives not just a different effect but also manages to give the space a magnified look.

If the above-mentioned tips and tricks are followed, each and every space in one’s home will definitely appear to become bigger than what it really is. Also, this helps to keep things in order without too much clutter. Some of the flats in Sarjapur road are perfect for this sort of organized living.


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