Bathrooms are that space in our homes which do more than just letting us have a warm shower and take a dump. It’s one area at home where we get to spend some genuine time alone, being ourselves. It’s time we treat our bathrooms like the haven it is for us, be decorating it the right way.

These simple and modern bathroom accessories ideas for a flat are a sure consideration:

  1. Circular bathroom mirrors

An important accessory needed in any bathroom, mirrors add a lot of depth in a bathroom. Investing in a circular mirror is not only fancy but also utilitarian.

  1. Wooden bathroom ware setFor a rich and elegant look, getting accessories made of wood makes for a smart move. While wood has a tendency to swell when in contact with water, a good water-resistant coating will do the job.
  2. Retro inspired Copper Shelf

A copper double rack shelf is one of the oldest designs, typically from the 90s, seen in all bathrooms of the era. The copper finish with a glistening finish is what gives this piece of accessory a retro touch.

  1. Hair Dryer Holder

What is mostly seen in lodges to luxury hotels these days also makes for a great home bathroom accessory.  Place is next to the wash basin for your daily morning dramatic moment.

  1. Tooth Brush and Soap Holder Set

Add an element of design in your regular bathroom by getting yourself a nice, personal tooth brush and soap holder set.  You will find an array of designs in various colors, materials and even shapes. Match something to the aesthetics you want to set for your bathroom.

  1. Bamboo DispenserWhile plastic is being banned for obvious reasons; metal accessories are not the favorite of many for the fear of rusting and seemingly expensive maintenance. Going for bamboo soap dispensers are attractive and also environment friendly. Keeping them clean is also an easy task.
  2. Storage Cabinet

Storage cabinets under the washbasin are surely a great addition to the bathroom to store necessities like extra towels, tissues, soaps and other tangibles. The fact that it is covered is a great way to ensure that they remain dust-free and readily usable.

  1. Steel Bathroom AccessoriesStainless Steel bathroom accessories are one of the most widely used accessories across new age homes. They are durable, relatively inexpensive and are widely available across all brands, from local to international.
  2. Marble Bathroom Accessory SetMarble accessories are expensive but look very polished. It is easy to clean, but needs great care as a bad slip can break them while also damaging the floor or even someone nearby. From wash basin tops to bath tubs and everything in between, you can find it all in marble.
  3. Grey Stone Bathroom Accessory SetGrey stone designs are a great hit in the modern home décor industry. It’s pleasing to the eye, it is also easy to keep clean while giving a muted, classy look to your home. Using the same theme in the bathroom may come across as dark to many, but is sure to make you feel relaxed.
  4. Crochet Bathroom Accessory Set
    If you are a fan of DIY-ing your home then hand weaved crochet bathroom accessory set is a great way to decorate your bathroom. There are many tutorials available online to guide you.
  5. Bathroom Mat Set

One trend catching up when it comes to home décor and bathroom in general is having multiple mats with multiple functionalities. From anti-slip mats to faux-fur carpet mats, there are many to choose from.

  1. Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set

Whether a fan of Parisian décor or exquisite Mughal motifs, ceramic bathroom sets have it all. From an array of designer themes to choose from, one can find them online, brick and mortar stores, local brands as well as designer brands.

  1. Plastic Bathroom Accessory Set

Plastic is inexpensive and unbreakable making it a favored choice since it carries very minimal risk of damage.

15. Mix-match Bathroom Ware

Add an element of funk in your bathroom by making it allcolorful. Having a multicolored bathroom is also tasteful on its own.

While you buy your own flat, it is very important to also check the layout and area of the bathroom since this is where you spend the most private time. A number of apartments for sale in sarjapur road have amply spaced bathrooms that are perfect for the modern home.


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